Principles of Sustainable Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals

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This year ISO/TC 228– Tourism and related services has started a new project of standard about Principles of Sustainable Tourism. Look at how these principles could be connect with the SGD’s from UN.

1. Respect the legislation in force

Tourism shall respect the legislation in force, at all levels, in the country and the international conventions to which the country is a signatory.

2. Guarantee the rights of local populations

Tourism shall seek and promote mechanisms and actions of social and environmental responsibility and economic equality, including the defense of human rights, responsible use of land, resources, consumption of materials and services, maintaining or increasing the dignity of the workers and the well-being of communities involved.

3. Conserve the natural environment and its biodiversity

In all stages of implementation and operation, tourism shall adopt practices of minimal impact on the natural environment, monitoring and effectively mitigating any impact, and thus contribute towards maintaining the natural dynamics and processes of their physical, biological and landscape aspects, taking into account the existing social and economic context.

4. Consider the cultural heritage and local values

Tourism shall recognize and respect the historical-cultural heritage of the regions being visited and be planned, implemented and managed in harmony with the cultural traditions and values, collaborating towards their development.

5. Stimulate the social and economic development of tourist destinations

Tourism shall contribute towards strengthening the local economy, raising skill-levels, increasingly generating jobs, work and income, and fomenting the local capacity to develop tourist enterprises.

6. Guarantee the quality of the products, processes and attitudes

Tourism shall evaluate tourist satisfaction and verify the adoption of hygiene, safety, information, environmental education and service standards established, documented, advertised and recognized.

7. Establish responsible planning and management

Tourism shall set up ethical business procedures that seek to engage the social, economic and environmental responsibility of all those involved in the activity, increasing the commitment of their personnel, suppliers and tourists, in matters of sustainability, from the elaboration of the mission, objectives, strategies, goals, plans and processes of management.

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