ISO 21401:2018 – Sustainability management system for accommodation establishments – Requirements

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  1. Hi Alexandre!
    I hope that you are doing fine.
    I write you in reference to the ISO 21401:2018 standard, I still didnt have the chance to have it in my hands and read it and I am very interested in understand which are the main differences between this standard and the ISO 14001 / Travelife / Green Key / EarthCheck or any GSTC acredited scheme?
    Many thanks for your help!

    • Hi Cipri,

      First of all thank you for your message. So ISO 21401 it is a specific Sustainability Management System for Accommodation establishments and approaching all dimension of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) different of ISO 14001 which is more general (for all kind of business) with focus just in environmental dimension, as you probably know .

      Travelife/Green key/ EarthCheck are private standards which have an owner (Organizations who managing Certifications Schemes as well). Besides that with you take a look in this standards you will see they have a mix of management and prescriptive requirements. It is totally different in ISO 21401 because this standard have the same management structure as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (HLS – High Level Structure) and have specific requirements for 3 dimensions of sustainability, but all this requirements are flexibles which allowed any kind, size or geographic location of accommodation establishment.

      GSTC was created and published documents to harmonize or recognize standards about sustainability in tourism field. So the point of view of GSTC witch is important if the specific standard comply or not with his criteria.

      If you have any additional question please let know.

      Best regards

      • Many thanks for your prompt and clear answer!…one last question…does the ISO21401 includes any Social Responsability aspect a part of the evidents relatives to sustainability?
        Cheers and may thanks for your help. You have been very kind!

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